July 17, 2010

Engineered Garments. Intelligent Style.

Cambric or chambray is a lightweight cotton weave used as fabric for lace and needle work. It is possibly named after Baptiste of Cambrai which is in France.. It's usually made with Egyptian or American cotton. in some cases polymer fibres can be added. Cambric is also used as a coating for professional playing cards, to protect them for longer and make them easier to handle.
Chambray is one of the most malleable and versatile fabrics that you can use. During the 1980's and 1990 it was an iconic casual wear. In America, it used as workman's shirts and the fabric is dyed in indigo blue and weaved with white cotton to make it sturdy hence it's iconic look and it's history of use.. Therefore there is that term ; "blue - collar". The chambray shirts used to be sold by brands such as Ralph Lauren and would retail to up to 270$.

This time Engineered Garments has used chambray. With contrasting dark stitching and black and red buttons. 2 button - fastening utility chest pockets, reinforced elbow stitch detail gusset hem side seams and button adjustable cuffs. Im really liking the new Brogue slip - ons as well., as i've been wearing Brogue boots for some time now, this is a fresh twist in design for a classic style.
The jacket is just an add - on to what could be a good outfit. It's a great use of fabric and heritage style.

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