July 10, 2010

Falling Asleep Beneath The Flowers

Complacency has gotten the hold of a modern filipino's mind - set. Steady to be in one place just one comfortable place. Would it be dangerous to say that we as people have decided to be poop? Back in the 80's it was the groovy hangover from the 70's eager to rid ourselves off that american colonialism, but never really shaking it - off completley. In the early 90's there was that striving to become fresh - young and ambitious for life but in a much more simpler realistic way ; with the emergence of movies like - The Ninja Kids, The Bagets and That's Entertainment storming it's way into pop culture. But nothing would be more powerful an influence to complacency or evidence than the noon - time shows. Eat Bulaga was a major contributor and also the likes of ASAP and i forgot the many many names other shows had. Fast - forward to 2010 and it's now all about changing the government and WOWOWEE. It seems like from the hungry and ambitious decades to the eager yearning of a new - filipino., We've been forced with the notion that to be succesfull, you have to be famous.

We as a people have been brough up to just follow the command.If you're not famous , you can't make it. If your not famous, you should just follow orders. We've forgotten that there are shit - loads of people here with talent , charisma , natural - drive and know - how to beat any person or the person next to him / her. It seems we haven't shaken off imperialism and colonialism in that sense 'cause we still have that "slave" mentallity and that crab mentallity.

What is the result of all this complacency ; you got people living without even finding - out that they have potential or you have people full of potential but never really expanding their mind - set and just sitting down on their asses until their brains plop under their butts and they fart it out. And also , we have people who have forgotten the luxury of appreciating the fine details. Quality now in every context has decreased. because of this slave mentallity.

I guess what im saying is, that you have to stop waiting for orders and get yourself to order yourself around. Maybe in that sense, we can create sub-cultures from that energy of initiative, develop a better eye and appreciation for things. I guess what im saying is if you really are alive , then LIVE it. Maybe when that happens there will be more opportunities for everybody and our country would stop being and feeling so poor.

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