June 27, 2010

Make It Your Own

As you sit there on your mound thinking and pondering of what to do staring at the screen. What are you looking for? Why are you online? Bored? Or is it because you're looking for something to do? Straying away from that something that you need to do? Or are you looking for inspiration in a rectangle shaped modern light box called the screen?

You can't resist longing for something more or better for you huh? Something new... Isn't that something to ponder on. In search of a new horizon. Don't we all long for the better. Maybe the question or the anti - thesis should just actually be ; for something new, something fresh... you look for something existing, something manifested, something solid. Apprieciate that , twist it, play with it, mold the way you like it...and make it your own.

Step back, look at what you have, and because you've made what exists into something that you can call your own with all your effort, it's not actually that you need something new...It should be you seeing things in a perspective better than you did before.

Creativity or prolific - ness does not come from a blank - stare until you go cross -eyed. I think some have lost the sense of taking matters in their own hands. And maybe that's why more people get bored easily. Make something out of nothing or make something new because of you.

As per this song by Drake called Houstalantavegas , a band called SonnyMoon made it into their own and dare i say, this song is now theirs... Therefore, they owned Drake on this one. And they made something fresh and sexy for ears to melt upon.

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