April 4, 2010


" Basically.. the sole purpose of the message We Live is to let the people know we exist, art exist on the streets, art still lives, graffiti still lives. We want to wake up those who forgot why we are doing art on the streets. Well kanya kanyang perception when it comes to that but still goes under Art on the Streets, Letters on the streets.

Its a twist of mind on one side. It will depend on how the readers will take it. But as long as they can relate to it, that's enough for us. May it be on their passion, family, work or whatever.. as long as they're living, that is for them. US.

About living, here's what i think. its not the air that we breath or how the respiratory system works or how the heart pumps our blood.. its the way we are, what we are doing, its feeling alive on what ever we do.

And on the streets, We Live.
Taking it inside the galleries, magazines, music, fashion, the web.. we are living.

This is not just some paste up project or whatever.. this is an action, movement, propaganda. We want the word out on the streets. We want them not just to see but look. Be aware, be in the know and appreciate.

I like this kind of party.

This movement by my beloved brethren from THE have sparked a new drive for me to get back out on the streets. But not just on the streets, i'll be honest... i was never the most aggressive on that scale of our spectrum. What this movement is telling me is to keep moving. Keep doing what I am doing. Because at the same time I am still representing where I came from. My art on the streets is where I started. What I am doing now is still representing our movement. But now I am jumping all around public and private spaces. So keep breathing, moving and living.

See a few years back we all started in the street... Time passes by and we find more opportunities for ourselves individually in all sorts of forms. At some point in time, some of us dissociated, disappeared and some just flat out stopped. But this is a call to those who are still alive and breathing, this is THE WORLD PEACE MOVEMENT'S wake up call. We are not dead. Street art is not dead. Graffiti is not dead. There are still a number of us pushing pressing, sweating and running to gun it. We LIVE.

Somebody asked me the other day, why isn't KST 's multiply not being updated... and this is the exact reason why.

It's a call not to become a machine but to become an natural organism that exists and expresses and lives to express through and on public spaces. This is WE LIVE. We live through the cracks of your walls on the rooftops of your local quickie mart. On the random light post. We do what we do because we know the reason behind what we are doing. We do what we do because we love the emotion and the passion and the sweat that comes with it. Street art does not belong on the internet. It belongs to the streets. This is relative and debatable but my point applies.

Aaahh.. I love it.. the smell of fresh air... THE's project just gave me an idea. I thank them for refreshing my mind.


To any one of the Black Book supporters who sees the WE LIVE poster please take a picture and send it to THE or BBD . . . we want this movement to mobilize.


- c

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