April 21, 2010


Take a look at these bad bones... they are hand sculpted resin pipes by APPRENTICE ( I will write more about him soon enough). APPRENTICE is the padawan of master sculptor Noli who also takes part in LUCKY MONKEY.

These pipes are bio - mech inspired and have all the exoskeleton - al detailing your eyes can bleed for. they don't even look like what they're utilitarian counter parts look like. Each is one of it's kind none are similar.

If you look at the fine details you'd see that he was inspired by the sea and skulls and bones. If you look at the FINER details...you'd figure out how to use them. Some even have holes and you can convert them to neck lace pieces.
These photos are only a fraction of what we have in store. Limited stocks only.

APPRENTICE and CHI CHI will be collaborating soon for a future project. Watch out for that as well.