March 29, 2010


" This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine "

There are days when you don't want to wake up. There are mornings when you open your eyes after a dream that was the best dream you've ever had. It may have included your favorite flavor in a form of a cloud, you took a piece of it and it melted in your mouth. It may even had been you, achieving something... you were on stage and everyone was thanking you for your own achievement. And you swore to yourself that you would freeze that moment forever. There are some dreams where in you just didn't want to wake up cause you were having a 'wet' one.

There are 365 days in a year. 900 eye blinks in an hour. And the average human has an average 2 sexual partners his lifetime. Don't get your egos too big if you'd have more than two. I'm just putting two and two together. You dream and then you look at yourself as the average man. But then you see some facts repeatedly and you see yourself, assess yourself. Are you more than average? Maybe that's the case for some people. Maybe it's not for some.

Above average or not, my point is that there are those days that you just have to get up and chase your ego. But for you to chase your ego, your super - ego has to back this up greatly. This means that, deep inside you , you must want it... And want it bad. So on this day under the heat of the sun, early in the morning I had to get up and get it.

A visit to Black Book Design store in Malugay. And this is how we live.You'll see Dante and Noli of Lucky Monkey doing some grease monkey - ing around. Me , fixing the store...All of us pcking specifically what will work or not. Gino , Noel and Kat doing the operational aspects of it.

Oh and by the way, like lego pieces ... it's getting together. SEE YOU SOON IN THE OPENING!

Here's a glimpse of what BLACK BOOK DESIGN lifestyle is.

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