February 1, 2010

Ma Ma Said There Would Be Days Like This

There are days when you just lock yourself in your room just because the night before, had rendered you useless... A human , with a brain too numb to comprehend. Too numb to articulate. Safe to say you just turned into a Zombie. It may well had been the amount of liquor that you had poured down your esophagus, or it may or may not have been that brownie that a stranger gave you. Heck you probably locked yourself in because you shot up too much of that white powder harvested in Havana , shipped to this island chopped up so much it wasn't even the purest of what you wanted... but you still shot it up. Why? Well, as Jane's Addiction's song says; "just because".

So why lock yourself in? You are locking yourself in to recuperate. To rest. Yes, you can relate. Heck i'm sure a hundred other readers can relate to this situation. But then, to be locked up in your shoes... it's a decision. You're decision to act the way you wanted. You're decision to recuperate.

In the movie OLD BOY (based on a Japanese Manga) which is directed by Park Chan-Wook from South Korea, the main character; Oh Dae Su is locked in a room for 15 years by captors he does not know, with motives he has no idea about. Then, after 15 years, he is given 5 days to find out why he was locked up. He ends up spending those 5 days retaliating against his captors whilst being tangled in a relationship with a mysterious sushi chef.

The plot of the movie in itself is interesting. But what got me was how a human acts when he is just stripped out of everything that he thought secured him and not only that stripped for an unknown period of time. It sounds like an experiment, and in some ways it would be interesting to see it happen.

How would a human react if you took everything from them with out choice, lock them up.. basically just strangle it, abuse it. Then after release it into the city with nothing but questions in it's mind.
I'm sure I would hate it... I wonder how would I decide? How long it would take me to realize. Would I taste things and think about things the same way as I did the day they would capture me? How would I recuperate? And would I retaliate or move on knowing I have a new heart held in my palms.

There are good days and bad days... then there are days that just seem for ever. And then there are days like that of Dae Su's, where in it's all up to you.

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