February 6, 2010

Avatar : The Last Airbender

I'm going to get my geek on, and rave about this movie called The Last Airbender. It is based on Nickelodian's hit cartoon titled as stated above. I must admit I became addicted to the story of this cartoon even if I rarely watched television. I've seen all episodes from seasons 1 to 3 and now I can't wait before this shows in our country!

The first trailer I saw was pretty lame... Add that to the fact that the director of the movie was M. Night Shyamalan who is honestly, a hit and miss director multiply that by the fact that he really does the worst castings for his movies and especially in this one.

But after watching this trailer, I was pretty much sold and was willing o forgive M. Night for his past mishaps. I am hoping the movie will give justice to the cartoon, and that it will be way better than this current trailer which is awesome enough (seeing as people can now bend nature on screen and look legitimate.) Excuse me as I roll up my sleeves and practice balancing my chi.

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