January 4, 2010

TRILOGY - The Boat She Rocks

Trilogy Botique is a place run by pirates. No , not the chauvinist arrrrr matey i was born to pillage and people will respect me types... No. It's run by women. Women, who are ready to sail the seas and arrive to their horizons with a clear vision, aiming, locking it down with discipline and firing at it. This is good for any retail store, the fact that the members of the staff are hungry, organized , and competitive... Hence.. Pirates. Women pirates. You may call me a feminist , i would not mind. I just like the picture of intelligent women running a tight ship. Trilogy Boutique caters to both men women, nerds, geeks ,skaters , non skaters and foodies. Basically it serves lifestyle.

Then there is Canteen which is located literally beside Trilogy, a place i visit every so often for that little nudge of comfort food. It was a pseudo stress full day today, so i decided to cool my head with a serving of Choc - nut ice cream... I figured that I was a virgin to it's notoriously delicious sentiments that I thought, this would be the perfect day to have it melt inside my mouth. And as i carelessly dumped that spoonful unto my taste buds all i could say was.. legend.

I saw gems. I passed by to visit and was glad to see new books and art compilations from my favorite people. Namely : Shepard Fairey , Upper Playgroud , Tilt , Works by Mike Giant and Kevin Lyons and not to mention Jeremy Fish. If you don't know who these people are , then google it. They are huge, inspiring and just simply the best at what they do. To see these people's works, or at least their books, in this country was something refreshing to me. I don't need to go to Hong-Kong or order online anymore to be inspired. The books I've been looking for are finally here.

If you plan to lighten up your day, and spoil yourself silly... you might just want to jump unto this ship that is rocked by the women.

110 Alvion Center, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines

Monday-Friday- 11-8pm
Saturday-Sunday- 10am- 5pm

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