January 14, 2010

Keep It Simple Stupid.

I think people now a days, tend to forget that to send a real message they don't have to be so elaborate or extravagant or aggressive with it. The best way to send a message and for some one to internalize the message is to keep it simple. Because sometimes the simplest of most efforts have the biggest impacts.

Music video for Little Dragon. And it acts as a pilot for a short film called "Dreams from the Woods". Dreams From The Woods is a shadow puppet theater featuring the little girl, the big bird and the skeleton. The short film is a minimal yet beautiful display and play of light and shadows.

Directed by Johannes Nyholm.

Puppet Masters: Yukimi Nagano, Håkan Wirenstrand, Fredrik Källgren Wallin, Erik Bodin, Elias Araya, Aime Hellrand, Henrik Malmgren, Andreas Korsár and Kurt Lightner.


  1. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................

  2. hi namie! I don't understand.. i'm sorry