January 28, 2010

Cafe Ysabel

Whenever you get to pass by around Wilson Street at Greenhills San Juan, you might want to go on a little treasure hunting for one of San Juans best kept secrets. Well, for me..It wasn't more of a secret but more of a mystery. Like an old abandoned structure you'd see around Intramuros. I would always pass by this place and wonder what was in this beautifully preserved home. Ignorant as I was at those moments, I realized that it was a cafe (as did the sign say so don't judge me) and that it had been there for more than 25 years only after my friend told me that I had to go and try this place.

And so we did... I stepped down from my vehicle, glanced at this beautiful structure and i prepared myself for an experience. I must tell you that it was an experience to dine in it's well maintained 1927 ancestral home over looking a well maintained garden filled with trees. Where else can you eat like that here in the city? A city with barely no more greenery left. It literally felt like I was eating in my great grand - mother's home in some province. And whilst i was consuming my meal with a serving amount that was just right for the 250 bones, I was thinking... "Man, maybe the Illustrados used to wine and dine here."

The food is awesome and affordable , making you spend a little over 250 php. I must say, the city needs more places like this. Places where you can say that it's not hard to live in a city. It's not hard, when, in this city... you're in places like this


  1. when did you go there? ? ? may discount pag kasama ako :P - NIKS

  2. and i get no special mention ? hmmm