December 29, 2009

Unleash The Black Mamba - Too Legit To Quit!

SBTG x Crate Sneaker Release Party!







Come over this Wednesday, 7PM onwards to the 2nd floor of the LRI Design Plaza to witness the launch of the Black Mamba, a collaboration sneaker between Crate and Singapore-based shoe customizer SBTG.

Exclusively made for the store, its only appropriate that we punctuated the momentous occasion with something as equally awesome, cases and cases of subzero beer. Head over, hang out, chill drink up, whatever.

We'll also be raffling off ROYALEFAM, KIKSTYO merchandise and possibly some sneakers off too, who knows?

Celebrate the launch of the Crate sneaker, and get a headstart on the New Year's inebriation with us. See you there!


There are points in time as momentous as this one, where in the culture is pushed in such a way that even the people are uplifted... And then a spark in the eye says, there is hope for us.

The Philippine Sneaker game has just upped it's ante thanks to Crate Manila and it's collaboration with legendary shoe customizer, SBTG. The sneaker is a remake of the black mamba created by SBTG but givrn that simple Manila vibration, on the tongue says Crate Manila and the box it comes in is just a relic.

Come and join Crate as we all celebrate in this triumph.

And you thought you've quit collecting sneakers? Well let me tell you;

"It's too legit!!! Too legit to quit!!! "

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