December 11, 2009

Son:Da - Mouse. Computer. Drawings

Son : Da is a two person creative orgy between two minds and a mouse. Metka Golec and Horvat Miha from Slovenia have conceptualized something very organice but somehow structured by digital media. This is not your average adobe illustrator children. There is no vectoring here, Son : Da has been working together since 2000 and their project called mouse drawings is literally the simplest way of explaining what they do that amazed me. From what I found out, they start from scratch without any sketch to trace. This was amazing to me because here in the Philippines most , if not all, draw and they trace it (vector).

Son : Da is different. Their concept is to produce something simply by using a mouse and see the possibilities that you can end up with it. This concept gives a much heavier universal philosophy of existentialism applied in their action and seen in this visual product of their work. Innovative digital media tool application in the modern world indeed. It's like they found a mouse and found a new way of using it.

I really like the way they expressed this concept through the eerie use of space, found only in dream like proportions (excuse my romanticism, but the images really made me remember some dreams of me being chased by a giant ball through corridors of large spaces) . At the same time they were able to apply this space / distance and connected subjects by using the stress surrounding them. It is somehow ironic in a way that a simple chord connected into a computer was able to struck many many chords in my brain.

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