December 20, 2009

James Cameron's AVATAR

You have to see this film. not only do you have to see it, you have to see it in 3D. It was seriously a life changing impact on my visual senses. Avatar made me see colours i did not even knew existed. I don't believe i had ever been happier to see an artificial world stimulated by 3d glasses compared to my first time taking LSD. Actually it was a lot better than LSD. Maybe for some, the combo would be the best thing ever.

At first, I admit to have been skeptical about the whole 3d experience, thinking that the glasses would have been resembling that of the classic red and blue 3d glasses found only in cereal boxes. But no, the glasses themselves were actually quality stuff. Not only that.. It did it's job good. Realizing as how i was at the edge of my seat with my back firmly on the back rest, i looked around me and saw almost everyone in my immediate vicinity with jaws ajar and just in awe.

In Avatar, James Cameron has pulled a Tolkien in this one, creating a whole world deep into detail, backed by scientific research and fact and fused with endless imagination. The result is a mind blowing alien planet of beauty called Pandora, which made me wish it were real just in case , we humans really fuck planet earth and mother nature up. Pandora is inhabited by people called the Na:Vi who are connected literally to their planet. You could feel in the movie that the natives really love their planet...they know the benefits they get with just taking what they need. At the same time they give back by praising their planet as their mother. The Na vi were forever grateful people to nature, and that was very obvious. In terms of their human colonizers, you would see the exact opposite; industrial , greedy , almost on edge from greed. But not all of them.. some still had their heads out of their pockets.

So in line with this, Avatar was well thought of, from the character design , where in basically each character was a stereo of how humans would naturally react to a setting such as Pandora's. The set design (deeply rooted to nature's imagination, and the story was rich , full, and relate - able...actually, very relate- able. The main character Jack Sully was groomed to be somewhat of the observer character (like the audience) in relation to the movie. Initially, curious and excited to explore the horizons of what he was to experience, assumed he was going to get rid of the natives but ultimately gets involved and drawn in to the action and the passion and ends up being the hero.

Yes, Avatar was awesome. Period. There was a movie when I was a child about a logger who was magically transformed into a thumb sized man. He initially wanted to destroy the forest until he fell in love with a fairy and as he wanted to get into the faerie's world, he fell in love with the world as he ended up protecting the land he fell in love with. This movie was Fern Gully. Avatar is a modern rendition of this classic. Avatar reminded me of Fern Gully. Fern Gully on steroids.


  1. its the smurfs x fern gully

  2. it's the smurfs on steroids x fern gully on steroids!