December 24, 2009

Alice In Wonderland

Trailers are one of my favorite things about watching a new movie. And Alice In Wonderland's new trailer was shown as I was wearing 3D glasses sitting n that dark cold theatre the other day. I must say , I've never been so excited to see a movie again.

Yes , before Disney came out with an animated version of Alice In Wonderland, but in this new version... it's much more interactive, it takes you inside the world more so now with the 3D glasses and the CGI which is top notch. When you see the trailer in 3D or at least, if you noticed it here... Johnny Depp's face looks like a hallucination on mushrooms.. his skin moves and exaggerates all his emotions and his eyes constantly dilate. In perspective shots, the levels of depth are played upon and you will really feel as if a prop is being thrown at you.. or in the first part with the Cheshire Cat, it seemed as if his mist is going towards you.

In this film adaptation, Helena Bonham Carter plays the Red Queen, Anne Hathaway plays the white queen and Johnny Depp plays the mad hatter. Pretty damn good casting.

Alice In Wonderland shows March 5th. 2010, I got to catch some more zzz's to make time seem faster before this shows.

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