November 11, 2009

Vael Project In Manila

Brogue Boot
Deckard Boot

Vael Project was created by Coleman Horn , who was a former senior designer for brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren. Coleman Horn also notes, Shawn Stussy as a direct unofficial partner when designing the Vael Project sneakers. Vael Project is an up and coming shoe brand that was launched as early back as Autumn/Winter 08. This brand is relatively fresh and their concepts and direction for creating products is influenced by the love for diversity that mixes brownshoe or "classic" shoes with the sneaker aesthetics. But the difference between a Vael Project shoe and other sneakers out there is that , design wise... There is no shoe that is for everybody. every shoe they offer is a cross - breed of the classic Ralph Lauren western lifestyle i.e. woodsy / cowboy / americana , Nike's eye for technicality in design and also Timberland's functional sentiments. Each shoe supports a look. There may be a boot or a deck shoe or a tennis shoe but the diversity in styles is what makes this brand so interesting.

This type of shoe is not for the eye of a sneaker - head that is dedicated to the common skate-board or basketball shoe but for people who have a good eye for a classic and at the same time fresh design. It'll take a little getting used to for the Philippine masses but that's not really why I appreciate things like these. I'm really digging the Deckard Boot and the Brogue Boot as it fits my style. I'm already on my way to get one. What's good about these sneakers and it's design diversities is that you can tyle them whichever way you like as it does not shove a look upon you because of it's "classic" feel.

The best thing about this brand is that it's available here now. You can check their facebook page so you can schedule a private viewing.

Read more about them as they were featured in and see the heat they can produce on

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