November 12, 2009

Honey Comb Hideout

Honey Comb Hideout | A Blackbook Design x Bee Eyes Mixtape
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Good Morning! Here's another mixtape (mixtape 3) for everyone who likes spending they're sweet time honey dipping with their honeybee or honeybees. What does this mean? Well i mean here's something for the ladies. This week's theme is a guy and a girl, spending some quality time... wherever they may spend that. This mixtape is by Julius Valledor ( I must commend him for the awesome jacket also) of Bee Eyes

The songs are down tempo and chilled-out... Perfect for a walk and a cup of tea. I swear to god I listened to this mixtape from start to finish. This mixtape mixes some indie, hip - hop and some opm (which i think is pretty awesome). Support your local I say. But anyway, it features Mayer Hawethorne , who is an up and coming soul soother who was influenced by the motown bands. He was also given the stamp of approval by Snoop Dogg himself. Count Bass D's How We Met , is a must listen. And I realized that Narda was an amazing band before. Sad they had to go the "dancy" direction, says Julius. And then, it flows to Cibo Matto and just ends smoothly. I hope you enjoy this mixtape, next week's mix is on the burner.

This one's for the ladies. And for the pursuers and lovers out there, always remember;
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

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