October 30, 2009


Thank you so much to Anne and the good people of Gestalten.tv for sending me this video!

Swoon is a street artist from New York who specializes in wheat pasting and focuses on the negative and positive spaces of her illustrations and cut - outs of people in the streets. She understands that there is a certain connection between viewer and the subject on the street and this is what she tries to evoke in my opinion. She is working on a new "boat" project with justseeds (her art collective) and also with other artists. Swoon is one of the most prolific sticker/wheat paste artists today. But she is a different breed of artist in this context as I am glad to see that she is not only doing the visual aspect of street art. But also the conceptual as well seen in her previous work.

This kind of street artist, street context and awareness will I hope one day seep out from the cracks of this city. Don't get me wrong, there already are some out there. I'll feature them soon so keep glued.

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