October 21, 2009

Speed Bowling For Milk Riddles

BabyCorn illustration by ChiChi

Embryos form inside a mothers womb until the right time comes for them to be released into this world. When they come out the precursor of their success will be left with the decade old debate of nature vs. nurture. A prodigy. A prodigy is concept of a child possessing gifts that equal or at most times even surpass those who have come before them. What is a prodigy?

prod·i·gy (prd-j)
n. pl. prod·i·gies
1. A person with exceptional talents or powers: a math prodigy.
2. An act or event so extraordinary or rare as to inspire wonder. See Synonyms at wonder.
3. A portentous sign or event; an omen.

This is Milkriddles, a 20 year old hungry hippo. Hungry in the sense of greater discoveries may it be hedonistic pleasure or musical orgasm. Hippo in the sense that despite his stocky shape and short legs, he can easily outrun a human in terms of talent and potential. The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and is often regarded as the most ferocious animal in Africa. In Milkriddles context, he's one of the most aggressive undiscovered musicians when it comes to dismantling beats and samples and creating a sound of his own.

By the way he sounds coming out of headphones, he is fed up. Fed up with what he sees, he hears and what is being dictated to him. He is waiting to tear shit apart. His music sounds like a soft-spoken leader with a group of tryptologist girls singing while waiting to rise against present institutions before them. A particular he made in his LP called Earth As A Blur (click to download) track called if "If They Find Us" made me think of an undiscovered X-Men group hiding from a bomb that just hit Stalingrad.

Stop and look at the signs and you might see that times are changing. The youngins are learning much faster. Learning what? Everything. They are learning to broaden their horizon, open their ears, expand their palettes and multiply their aces. They are learning again to speak, answer , think, breath,inhale , exhale, play, fuck, create and destroy in a matter that is theirs...and in their own attention deficient pace. Kids now a days are brilliant hungry creatures.

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