October 29, 2009

Do You Know EKIS?

Ekis is a member of KST and is one of the fastest evolving writers in the Philippines to date. He is also a graphic artist. He started bombing using a character skull with an X for eyes and soon he evolved as one of the most talented and multi - versed writers here in the Philippines. Maybe, if you keep your third eye peeled, and aimed around the city... you'll see his EKIS tags with perfect circles as the accent? This is proof of how he experiments constantly with different styles.

He can do it all from tags to bubble - like letters and also monster letters. EKIS is strongly rooted with the concept of letter - forms as the basis for his styles. His background for painting has always been strongly against the government. Ekis is one of those people who hates the proverbial system and aims to show his disapproval for it by taking it out on the streets. He is one of those people to watch out for because of his exponential growth and consistency as a writer.

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