October 6, 2009

19th Century Hip Hop

I remember the days when I couldn't wait to grow up and be a grown - up. But it's true :

You don't know what you got ' till it's gone says Jonie Mitchell

who never lied. So that means, Your reason for a better should of been genuine. I do it because it gives me a sort of peace-of-mind.
And for the love.

When I was a kid, the first kind of hip - hop I really liked was from Francis M. It was the song called Mga Kababyan Ko. I was around 5. Fast forward a few more years...

There was a radio station called power 108 that played music like this on - air. Being as I wasn't aware of music as a kid growing up in the 90's , Hearing these songs played on a radio station that wasn't very popular back then was a gem for me. I vividly remember learning how to drive back then, stealing my dad's car and driving around my village when suddenly they played these songs after the other. I immediately fell in love. I went on a search to broaden my palette for hip - hop music by going back in it's history. I realized then that looking back is where you can find the good ones.

I miss those days, when all I cared about was growing - up and having fun. Here's to that syndicated station. Here's to the wonder years.

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